with flowers as OUR medium


boutique FLORAL studio

Our personal level of service allows us to fully understand our client’s story, giving us an inspirational path to produce a floral experience that is truly unforgettable.


My journey in flowers began as a child in Southern California, spending the weekends visiting local farmer’s markets, and veering straight to the floral stand. My mother would always buy me a mixed bunch that I got to arrange the very minute we returned home. I continued that tradition, long past my childhood, and relished in the creative escape it provided me.

Eventually, in my adult life, I found my way back to this art form when designing my brother-in-law’s wedding. Shortly afterward, I made the decision to pursue entrepreneurship and founded Lizy Bowden Floral in 2011. All it took was a few vases, a garage and a passion for a natural, classic design.

I think the thing that pushes my artistry for flowers is my deep understanding of movement, the variety of floral species, and being able to direct a design that connects with each client. Taking the time to hear our client’s stories, learning about what matters most, and then transpiring those ideas into pieces that evoke emotion – giving our clients these small (and grande) moments of joy that will be remembered for a lifetime.

Make Your Floral Dreams Come True